Friend Game Finder

Friend Game finder is a simple chat script to find your friends who are playing a game online.  It tracks what game they are playing and where, and allows you to launch the game directly from the chat client you are using.

Currently, mIRC is the only chat client supported.  I'd like support to be added for other IRC and ICQ clients.

Currently, the following games are supported (that is, you can launch them directly from the chat client.  You can still use GF to find friends playing other games... you just won't be able to launch the game directly.):
- quake 2
- quake 3
- Unreal Tournament

It works something like this....

You get online and want to play a game.  You start mIRC and join the channel your friends always meet in.  (Actually, the script joins it for you automatically).  You see a friend on the channel who is playing something (their name ends in -p).  So you click on their name, and select "get server".  You'll now see the game they are playing and the IP of the server their playing on.  Another click or 2, and select "Launch Game", and the game starts and connects to the same server!

- dominate

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